5" Car Window Decal

Each Sticker is made of 100% weather treated high-quality vinyl which is designed for outdoor use to resist cracking and fading.

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Our Mission

Proverbs 31 has been a source of inspiration for women throughout time. Each of that chapter’s 22 verses (v. 10 - v. 31) begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet in proper sequence and serves as a learning tool for young girls by presenting the image of the perfect wife. This culminating chapter of Proverbs describes the skill, talents, and virtuous character of the perfect woman and wife.

There is a temptation for men to stop at that point and pass this 31st chapter on to all the young girls when they come of age and tell them to read it − perhaps even memorize the most significant passages. That is the way I saw this chapter in Proverbs for many years. Then, a boxing glove sprang out of one of the pages while I was reading it one day and hit me right in the face. It became obvious that this book was not just for the women... the wives and daughters, but for men... husbands and fathers as well, telling us how to act and behave as a man!

Our mission is for you to find out what means to be a person of Proverbs and how to serve the Lord by striving to become the person He has commanded us to be.

If you are a person of Proverbs, stop by our Shoppe to see how you can share with others what it means to be a person of Proverbs.